Glazed Partitions by GT Interiors in Belfast

Glazed Partitions

Single-glazed partitions are designed with the minimum of components. This makes them quick to erect, yet doesn’t compromise on strength or safety. They are an excellent choice for normal office use where standard performance is required; they are competitively priced and highly adaptable to any situations. There’s no end to the places you can use the GT Interior glazed partitions. Our glazed partitioning are installed in shops, offices, hotels, cinemas, churches, clubs, pubs, schools, hospitals, factories, warehouses in Belfast and all Over Northern Ireland. 

Adeptly creating modern and clean lines inside office spaces, there are numerous design options available for interior glazed partitions. They can be installed with a range of sliding doors or timber doors and can be framed or frame less with all manner of graphic designs.

We offer a wide range of aluminium framed or frame less systems with single or double glazed panes. Vertical blinds may also integrated into the double glazed systems for a little more privacy if required.


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Glazed Partitions in Belfast